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skirting the rockies picture post

The past couple days haven't been very good ones for photos. They are probably some of the most scenic sections for driving or riding through, but it's difficult to stop when you are on the highway, and even if you do stop to take a photo, the photo just doesn't capture the scale of the vista. This is really, really big spaces out here, with mountains that are too big to fit into a camera frame.

I open with a food shot of kaffee und kuchen for mom. She would've been 64. I have been pondering doing a post of just food shots, but i'm not sure it's interesting to look at tacos and vege burgers from all over the place. I haven't had any very exciting food yet. What do you think?

Next up, a picture of the roro ferry, and a kid who photo-bombed my shot which anyway had other people in it so eh.

On the frustratingly up and down road to Creston.

Kootenay Lake.

Popping out in Creston Valley was a breath of fresh air.

Night time shot of the motel.

This is a message i found left at a rest stop. On the flip side: "I hope to see you all one day when my journey is done".

On the weird, straight, lonely road out of Creston.

Following the CP rail for a bit.

These 8% grade warnings are awesome when you see them because it means you're going to get an kickass downhill. It also usually means you just climbed up that steep in the other direction.

Out in big sky ranch country.

Last look along the Kootenay River before it heads into Montana.

Heading up a forestry road. Someone asked earlier how trucks don't hit each other - this is how, they have signage at the start of the road giving the radio channel and explaining call up/down orders.

Pushing along the logging road to Fernie.

Today i will cross Crowsnest and head into the prairies. If the weather is good, which i hope it is, i expect the next week of photos will just be blue on top, yellow on the bottom, and if you are very lucky maybe there will be a grain elevator or delapidated farmhouse in the middle.
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