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into the prairies picture post

It was really hard to trim this set down. I have dozens of photos that are just blue on top, yellow on the bottom, and i love all of them. This post covers the Fernie to Milk River leg.

I opened it with a photo from my tent waking up in Milk River. Coming up next is a gift for all you folks who are tired of seeing scenic shots. It's the most Canadian stop light ever - heading out of Fernie, BC.

If you recall, i took Crowsnest Pass over the Rockies. This is the view heading up the pass. You can see coal just falling off the edge of the mountain onto the side of the road.

I had a lot more photos of crossing the Rockies, but i cut them in favor of prairie shots, sorry mountain fans. Here is a picture looking back along Crowsnest River from the Alberta side. The mountain lake flows into a high valley with tons of resorts and campsites around the place.

Down in the prairies, here's a last (?) look back at the Rockies.

And here's a look straight into those prairies.

Most of the roads look like this. Straight forever.

When you are on a gravel road and a car passes by, it leaves a trail of dust, which you can see on the left.

Oh, alright, one more Rockies shot. This is an interesting one because it shows a whole bunch of different prairie landscape. Wildflowers and bunchgrass by the roadside, then a fence, then crops, then the valley-type thing you see is a coulee with a small river inside it, then a settlement, more crops and the mountains behind.

This is what the crops look like when you're just looking at the crops. These ones have been harvested already. It's like a Windows background.

This is another interesting shot, you can see on the grade of the hill where it's too steep to plant crops, there's the original prairie grass again.

Cycling through Whiskey Gap. This is a ghost town (no buildings left standing) and pass through the Milk River ridge, where rum runners from the US used to smuggle liquor into Canada.

Crossing Milk River for the first time.

An abandoned homestead.

Look at all these different colors! I'm not sure what these greenish-red crops are, or why some of them are yellow. I'd make a terrible farmer.

Wildflowers, abandoned homesteads, and a suspicious quonset hut.

Little calf who escaped.

These were some funny looking powerlines.

I am currently in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, hopefully i'll get you all a text update tonight or tomorrow morning. Can't promise more photos before the next pit stop because there are too many awesome ones to go through. You might've noticed i snuck a couple extra in this set already.
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