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By popular demand, here is a food picture post. I don't always take photos of my food, but usually i do. They're not often very good pictures, but you get the idea.

What you'll find following my eating as i go is that i start getting less rigid about staying vegan, and also that i am eating relatively a lot of junk food.

For me, my reasoning behind trying to eat vegan is to minimize my carbon footprint, so i don't care too much if every now and then there is some meat stock in a gravy or an egg in my aioli. I'm also pragmatic. In some rural towns there really is no vegan option. When you go to Tim Hortons (chain coffee and donut shop that is near-ubiquitous in Canada) you can at least get a bagel with peanut butter. But in really small towns, there is no Tim Hortons. There is just a gas station and perhaps a local diner or coffee shop, and everything has cream cheese or butter or bacon or whatever. I don't want to be that asshole who is like "bring me a sandwich, hold everything except the bread and the lettuce", so i eat what there is.

But also, sometimes, like with tacos, i just say "fuck it" and get the meat because tacos are delicious. I have several standing "cheat" meals that i will usually eat without feeling any guilt. Those are: mapo tofu, tacos with carnitas and fish and chips.

On junk food... I don't know how many calories i am burning cycling 5-8 hours every day, but it's a lot more than i burned hanging out at home doing nothing. I used to eat 2 meals a day - a sandwich and coffee for breakfast, and a two-dish greens and beans (tofu) for dinner. Now i have porridge for breakfast, a sandwich and snacks throughout the day, and any time i find a town with a restaurant i stop and eat. Having a big plate of burger and fries (or a poutine!) is now something my body needs to stop from wasting away, instead of something that makes me feel gluttonous and bloated after i ate it.

I don't have any photos of my camping food in this BC set, so you will get that when i do a prairie food post. This is mostly restaurant stuff. Enjoy!

I open with my first gas station meal, which i picked up way back on that second day, cycling from Niskonlith Lake into Turtle Valley. The baked snacks were a bad idea. Too salty, and not satisfying enough when i ate them. The instant noodle was a great idea, but since i never have access to boiling water it's only a gas station treat. Other early food pictures you can find on out of the frying pan picture post - a vege burger in Canoe and tofu vegetable dish in Enderby.

Next up is a garden salad and yam fries from a biker bar in Grindrod.

Mediocre vege tacos and a vege appetizers plate at a bar in Vernon.

Avocado and tomato and maple grilled coconut "BLT" sandwich from some fancy vegan chain in Kelowna.

This Mexi-burger (black bean, avocado, hot sauce) and poutine was heavenly. From a vegan restaurant in Penticton.

Getting into Osoyoos, i saw my first taco truck since coming to Canada. Obviously i had to get carnitas. But one of the tacos is rice and beans, to keep me honest.

Vege burger and fries with gravy at the bar in Rock Creek.

Awesome pulled jackfruit salad from a restaurant in Grand Forks, plus a bonus energy ball!

"Baja" (fish) tacos in Castlegar. The southern part of BC seems to have a lot of taco trucks. I suspect it might be related to the number of seasonal workers who come up from Mexico and other parts of Latin America to do fruit picking. Whatever the reason, i am grateful.

Completely bland and very overpriced vege burger from a bar in Nelson. They even put cheese on it by default, which most places these days know not to, since cheese isn't vegan.

Some weird olive and date tapenade with soggy bread that was not crispy enough to pick it up, also in Nelson, town of massively expensive and overrated everything. The daiquiri sucked too.

You saw the beautiful coffee and cake from the small café in Crawford Bay, along Kootenay Lake back in skirting the rockies picture post, but here is the panini from the same place. It had some kind of vegan pâté on it, and olive tapenade... It wasn't entirely vegan because i think it had goat cheese. It was very, very good.

Just to continue shitting on Nelson a bit more, here is a coconut daiquiri made at a cocktail bar in the nowheresville farm town of Creston. I have more pictures of cocktails here, but they're all similar - rimmed with something delicious, dehydrated citrus fruit, beautiful.

Let's finish it up with the free meal i got from the campsite host in Fort Steele - lamb kebab, fried potatoes and salad. Really hit the spot after that long day of riding from Creston.

Heading into the prairies there is a lot more meat and cheese coming up. Also some of the food out of my Ursack. I might post those in a week or so. High plains photos to come at the next pitstop with decent wifi. Time to get going again...
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