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high plains drifting picture post

Hey hey, it's a surprise picture post, coming at you from my tent in the Val Marie municipal campground. It is pitch black outside because this is close to a dark sky preserve. The sound of hawks is all i can hear. But they have wifi! This is a very aggressively edited set from the Milk River to Maple Creek leg, one of the most scenic yet.

The opener is me pulling some kind of cowboy high plains drifting face as i rode singletrack across the plateau in Cypress Hills. But let's pull back to a morning shot in the prairies, heading out to Writing on Stone. Note the hills in the background, you will be seeing a lot more of them.

A delapidated barn.

Good morning again, Milk River.

Prairie flowers amongst the hoodoos.

I took many, many photos of hoodoos, but none of them will be as good as the professional photos you will find all over the internet. I thought this was a nice representation, though.

Here is a flower's eye view of the Sweet Grass Hills in Montana.

And here is the Writing on Stone money shot - the one everyone has taken. Featuring Milk River in the foreground, Police Coulee and a recreation of an old mounted police station at the entrance to it, and the Sweet Grass Hills out back. It's gorgeous.

I am so happy.

Here is a rodent's eye view of the Sweet Grass Hills, taken from a grazing section just off the dirt road where i saw the prairie dog.

Some cows grazing at a T junction.

Another abandoned homestead.

I am rarely getting any sunset shots because usually by the time the sun is setting i have already arrived, set up camp, eaten dinner, and i'm rolled up in my sleeping bag. But here is a shot of Foremost.

Another morning in the prairies.

This house is an important one, because i was very hot and very tired cycling to Cypress Hills, and this is literally the only shade i found. I snuck behind it to eat lunch.

Riding a gravel road all the way to Cypress Hills.

Here is some of that awesome downhill just off the plateau prior to getting into Saskatchewan.

The road to Maple Creek. Note the brownish haze in the background. I am not sure if that's dust kicked up from harvesting or just from all the dirt roads, but it was really noticeable looking down to the farmland from the Cypress Hills.

More cows.

Cliffs outside of Maple Creek.

The past couple days have been grueling but fantastic, although i haven't even written anything up in full sentences yet, i haven't found the time to do more than just type some short notes in my phone. The parks officer this afternoon floated a suggestion with me that has me buzzing - since i am on a bike, she suggested i get a backcountry permit so i can camp wild, out in the prairie of Grasslands National Park. That's the park where a herd of buffalo has been set free to roam wild again. Can you imagine? A night in the prairie - the real prairie - all alone, wide open sky, with buffalo roaming around... It'd be like a dream come true. I'll see how i feel in the morning but tomorrow night could be one of the most memorable yet.
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