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soggy oggy oggy picture post

Since Assiniboia, i haven't really been inspired to take many photos. Actually, you'll notice i didn't post any photos from September 10 either, from Kincaid to Assiniboia. The weather was largely overcast, making nice photos tough to do, but also the landscape changed from dry prairie to wet prairie, and it just doesn't form scenery that i'm very interested in. Nonetheless, i'll try take you on my journey.

I open with the road out of Assiniboia. They have a wind farm there, and the windmills and cold, gray weather reminded me of growing up in Holland. Next is another picture of the road that shows a hint of what makes this wet prairie different from the dry prairie - you can see in the distance these lines of trees, not just along farm houses, but also along the fields themselves.

There is easily enough water here to irrigate both crops and trees.

This is a very lucky photo. Every time i cycled past a pond full of bulrushes, huge flocks of birds emerged, darkening the sky there were so many. It was hard to capture a photo in time, so this time i just pulled my phone out of my pocket, unlocked it, opened the camera app, then swung it around behind me while i was cycling and hoped for the best.

End of the railroad in Pangman.

Here is another picture that shows how different this side of the prairie is. In this coulee there isn't weird red-colored brush, or possibly a stunted tree trying and failing to grow. There are real trees - ones that change color!

Grain silos just out of Weyburn.

Nickle Lake, a reservoir and big holiday campground for people from the area.

A lake on the White Bear Indian Reserve.

Side of a building i thought was cool, in Virden.

The weather has improved a bit since taking these photos, so hopefully my Manitoba set will be a little more interesting.
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