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singapore sunset
Well i had a low-key day Saturday and went home before midnight. Fun day but, lots of chats, lots of laughs. Sunday i had lots of tea and snuggled under covers on the couch. Now it's Monday and i'm still sick. Just went to the doctor and was given a certificate to stay home till Tuesday with the flu. Work has been so busy i feel like i ought to push myself back tomorrow, but that's probably what got me so sick in the first place - pushing too hard last week. Sigh.

I really need money badly. As usual. The car needs some work done that i've been procrastinating with for a couple months. I have to get my ticket for Earthcore. And i may have a tax bill aswell. Plus the usual credit card crap. And i need to see the dentist come to think of it. A new monitor would be nice too so that everything isn't green.

You know i'm enjoying my life but it's really shitting me having to struggle to keep everything balanced and not making any progress on the bills front. It wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't been in exactly the same financial situation for over two years now. I don't know how people can afford to buy houses and cars and lawnmowers and clothes and home entertainment crap and go on overseas vacations and i can't even scratch together enough to buy new socks, much less a grand to fix up my car that's only worth a grand itself. Really boggles the mind.

I'm going to snuggle on the couch and drink more tea. Maybe do some homework too if i'm up to it. Feeling very ooky...


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