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Okay, coming at ya from a very boring chain coffee shop in St Paul, Minnesota, i present the Winnipeg picture post. Visiting Winnipeg was great. Being in a big (ish) city again, seeing murals and graffiti and social services and bike paths and walking trails and public transport and all of those things that are pretty much absent in small towns, it reminded me just how much easier and more convenient life is in the city.

Here are some of the things that caught my eye.

The opening photo is actually the last photo i took in Winnipeg, out the window of my airport hotel, looking west toward the airport.

This next photo is still in Selkirk, the town about 40km north of Winnipeg, but part of the greater urban area. It's a view of the lifting bridge over the Red River.

As i rode down what is now called River Road, i passed dozens of mansions and otherwise expensive-looking riverside homes. It surely must be one of the most beautiful places to live in the Winnipeg area. Look at this view, taken just across the road from the front yard of one of the mansions.

This is one of the many historical buildings along the route. It's interesting because it is a wood-frame house with limestone fill.

One of the first murals i saw coming into Winnipeg from the north side.

Another mural. A lot of them in Winnipeg include imagery or themes that are important to First Nations and Métis people in the area.

There is plenty of modern street art too, like this funny robot guy.

A great mural on a bridge over the Assiniboine River, right downtown.

Winnipeg is a transport center, the first place east of Kamloops where both CN and CP rail lines meet. This train is crossing the Assiniboine.

Another mural, on the west side, i think. You'll notice an inuksuk in the distance, which is a stone figure built by the Inuit, although it has become a bit of a pan-indigenous symbol in Canada, much like the medicine wheel, the eagle feather and so on.

Side of a building near Chinatown.

Graffiti under a rail bridge over the Seine.

Some interesting painted masks had been left on the bridge, i'm not sure if they were forgotten or deliberately placed.

A third photo of the same bridge.

And here is a riverside photo of the Seine, just a bit further up. All of the rivers and creeks in Winnipeg have parkland and trails beside them, it's really an awesome place to explore.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I didn't go in because i didn't really have time, but something to check out in the future.

Just one of many older buildings downtown.

I took lots of photos of old stone churches and even a cathedral, but of all the church photos i took, i thought this was the most unique.

Up on Garbage Hill, looking at the warehouses. Not pictured here is the ground. Where people have worn down trails in the prairie grass, the make-up of the hill is revealed - pretty much entirely broken bottles - green, brown and white glass. It's really odd and wonderful.

So that was Winnipeg. It's just turned 11am here in St Paul, so i'll drop my bike box off at the bike shop, and then i have an hour or two to kill before i can check into my hotel, over on the Minneapolis side of the airport. I suppose i should visit Mall of America since it's right there, even though i detest malls and chain stores in general. Dive into the belly of the beast, get it over with, and then hopefully avoid any chains for the rest of the trip. Good luck to me, because America is surely the chainiest place in the world.
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