amw (amw) wrote,

in a minne funk

Today i thought i was going to go out and explore the Twin Cities, but i slept poorly, and it was cold, and windy, and raining, and i just wasn't in the mood.

So after i picked up my bike, i did a short loop up the Mississippi, then across the midtown greenway to an Asian grocery store, which seemed to be having the same supply chain problems as Walmart, which i visited last night to buy oats and dried fruit due to the hotel not serving breakfast thanks to COVID (allegedly). By the way, Americans, what is up with your supply chain? Canada does not seem to have all the empty shelves and grocery shortages that you have here.

Anyway, i bought some 豆乾 tofu jerky and a 康師傅 Master Kong honey green tea because i miss my Chinese snacks. Then i kept cycling through the rain trying to find somewhere nice to eat. I passed several spots that seemed vaguely promising, but i was in a funk and didn't feel like anything, so i ended up at a local bánh mì place and got a mock duck sandwich, which was delicious. Then i was still freezing cold, so i stopped into a bakery where they had a fantastic vegan scone, and a large cup of strong coffee that finally warmed my hands back up.

The rain had also cleared a bit by that point, so i cycled a few more greenways, but they didn't take me anywhere thrilling. The Minneapolis greenways are excellent for commuting - dedicated bicycle-only lanes that follow creeks and shorelines and former rail lines - but they're kinda like bicycle versions of highways, so they bypass anything that might be interesting.

I stopped in at a place i had originally intended to go to last night, but gave up because i was too tired and hungry to walk there so i got tacos and went to Walmart instead. It was a food co-op, which apparently had a bulk foods section. But it wasn't like the Bulk Barn in Canada, which is a very cheap store aimed at working class people and cash-strapped immigrants who know exactly what raw ingredients they want and want a whole damn lot of them... Instead it was some kind of organic, local, vegan, gluten-free, zero-waste, ultra-woke, twice-the-price sort of a place, which kind of defeats the point of having a bulk section in my opinion. You're not going to change the world by creating an elitist bubble of a "sustainable" grocery store that poor people can't afford to shop at. Still, i picked up a bunch of Clif bars and some dried fruits that Walmart didn't have, then headed back to the hotel.

Now i am ordering in some Chinese comfort food because my mood just isn't quite right. I don't know why. I will eat and watch some TV shows to try cheer myself up, and maybe i will do a big city food picture post featuring all the treats i found in Winnipeg and Twin Cities, then try get a better night's sleep so i can reset tomorrow.
Tags: american dream, depression, travel

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