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american restart picture post

Comin' at ya from a Missouri State Park! Here are some pictures from Minnesota and Iowa.

The opening picture is from the day i landed in the US. I hauled my bike box and all of my gear on a tram and then a bus to St Paul, dropped off the bike, then hiked back to Richfield - an outer suburb of Minneapolis. Somewhere along the way i found this nice corner of a city park where the planes came down to land.

Jumping forward a few days, the next picture is some wetlands on the way south.

Crossing the Minnesota River, a barge was making its way upstream.

Some funny-lookin' pipes near a rural airport.

I liked the shadows these trees made.

Giving you a highway shot just to drive home how lush things are in the Manitoba/Minnesota bog belt.

I took a lot of photos at Rice Lake that you will have to suffer through. Look at this hideous bog.

And, in the other direction, you might be able to see the hundreds of birds flying around. This is only a fraction - they blacked out the sky.

Sunset near the lake.

More sunset on some rewilded prairie. The rewilded oak savanna is blocking the horizon, annoying trees that they are.

Iowa, baby! Lots and lots of soybeans. It's so sad how much of these will be fed to cattle or sold overseas. America should be the world capital of artisinal tofus and all kinds of weird and wonderful soy products with the amount of soy they produce.

On a greenway in Iowa, trying not to get shot by the hunters.

Looking at the sunset through the grass.

If you look in the very distance of this shot, you will see a water tower. This is one of the signs that you are getting to the next town. It's a very welcome sight when you have been pedaling away in the sun for hours.

A small trail near the Volga River.

Oh yeah. This fucking shit. Look at that massive radio mast right there. Do you think i had cell phone reception when i took this photo? Of course not. Sometimes there will be multiple radio masts and cell towers all next to one another, but if none of them are owned by the carrier your SIM is connected to, tough shit, you have no reception. It's ridiculous they can't just put one mast and attach different companies' cells to it.

Another sunset photo, this time at Pleasant Creek. You'll notice a lot of these, because my days in the US so far have been very hard work cycling against the wind. I haven't had much energy to take photos, and then i roll into my campsite at sunset and try to snap a few before i collapse.

Well, i had to, didn't i? One of several unremarkable and unoriginal tourist photos i took at Riverside, future birthplace of Captain Kirk.

And there's a slice of the midwest. I found Minnesota a bit uncomfortable outside of the city, but Rice Lake was a pretty stop. I was happier in Iowa, especially in the parts of the state where you just get miles of flat cornfields and soy and it feels like you can really breathe. It is still a lot hillier than i expected, though. More rivers, more trees, more humidity, more mosquitoes, more mud. I miss the wide open spaces, the big sky, the peacefulness, the cleanliness, the aridity and the purity of the western prairie. I hope to find somewhere on my way south that inspires me like that. We'll see.
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