amw (amw) wrote,

storms in kansas

"Central Kansas, including Reno, Sedgwick and Saline counties, are under an enhanced alert for severe weather on Tuesday. Strong winds, heavy rain and possible tornados are in the mix."

Did i get caught in that? Did i ever.

Fucking, checked weather before i left, it's like... light rain starting 4pm, storms maybe around 11pm. All gone by Wednesday morning. I even checked a couple of towns along the way to be sure. The coast looked clear. It wasn't. After cycling about 50km, mostly against the wind which was already at 40kph (25mph), i ended up trapped on a dirt road that didn't have access to the highway. It led me a couple miles in the wrong fucking direction because stupid fucking divided highways that don't join up to the rural roads in the area. Then i got dumped on. For two hours. In the middle of the prairie. No trees. No shelter. Thunder. Lightning. Hail. I made it back on the highway. Wind ripped off my wing mirror at some point. Visibility very poor. I just needed to get to a town, i didn't want to get caught in a flash flood on the back roads. Made it into a town with a gas station and a motel. Checked into the motel. It isn't over. Despite the surprise storms that started around 1pm, the 11pm storms are still in the forecast. But at least i'm warm and dry now. My clothes are not.

Anyway, just giving you all a safety update ahead of the usual day-by-day report.
Tags: bike, travel

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