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I'm trying hard to relax tonight before tomorrow when i get back into the vortex of chaos that my work has turned into over the past few weeks. I've been on the verge of tears a few times this week simply from stress. I always try to give the company my all because i feel that i owe my employers that loyalty, but it really should stop when i leave the office. Hell, the office itself should stop at 5pm, not 5:30pm or 6 or past 6. And i really don't want to get work phone calls on the weekend or at 7pm or at 6am. I need to tell my boss that but i keep waiting till things settle down enough so he's not running around all day in a panic and i can actually talk. I hate waking up every morning thinking about work shit and going to bed every night with it keeping me up. Yesterday morning i just broke down because a fuse blew in my car and a prescription i wanted to refill had expired. It's so stupid and so frustrating. I need another holiday already.

Anywho, that lead to me blowing off everything this weekend - much like last weekend - and sitting at home only leaving the house to watch Fantastic Four. Actually last week i went to go see it too and it was sold out by the time we got to the theater. It was a totally kick ass fun superhero flick so i can see why :-)

Today's been okay but. I made myself a bath and tried to relax a bit. Just ate yummy nachos for dinner. I'm not sick any more which is a plus. Big Brother and DS9 on tonight. No chocolate left in the fridge but i'll drink some tea with honey and hug a teddy bear and hopefully stay chilled through tomorrow.
Tags: career, crazy, movies, my boring life

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