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Okay, since i am holed up in a motel anyway tonight due to my unfortunate encounter with a heavy storm, let's picture post the first half of my Kansas adventure.

Above the cut is one of the most important pictures i took, to me anyway. It's me finding the Missouri River again after i left one of its tributaries behind in Saskatchewan. For some reason it was important for me to find my way back to the river, to create some kind of continuity that was broken when i flew from Winnipeg to Minneapolis.

Next picture is of a lovely flat road on my first day in Kansas. I can't tell you how happy i was to be riding down this one.

Camping out at the fishing lake on night one.

Another sunset shot at the lake. It was a great night.

Passing Topeka i found this ridiculously huge grain silo. It stretches almost as far on the other side too. For reference, just to the right of the center of the shot you might see a small white thing with a red front - that's a full-size grain truck.

The Oz Museum close to sunset.

Leaving the Oz Museum with a very bad hangover.

I liked these powerlines watching over the soy fields.

One morning i woke up and it was extremely foggy. I took a little back road and found this lovely little church kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I think it might have been the same foggy morning when i took this shot. This kind of water pump windmill is something i associate very strongly with Kansas for some reason, but the truth is there are hardly any of them here any more. I saw a lot more of them in Australia. What you do find here are the scaffolding of what used to be a windmill, but no blades are attached. So this is a rare shot.

Cycling through some awesome empty prairie.

Another shot of the wide open spaces. I love it up there so much.

This weird mural was on the wall of a random building in Minneapolis.

Rock City.

I loved that dusty car just sitting out there in the middle of the field.

There are loads of abandoned barns and homesteads in north central Kansas. The funny thing is it's often the barns that were limestone and the houses that were wood. I can't figure that one out.

Not sure if this was a barn or a tiny sharecropper's house or something.

Another weird mural in a town i don't even remember the name. I do remember that what few stores remained in the town were all closed.

Abandoned station house in Simpson.

Camping in Glen Elder State Park, right by the reservoir. Beautiful morning sun.

That was Kansas: the first half! The second half started with a bumper couple days of very touristy sightseeing, and then a couple days of hard pedaling through much less interesting landscapes (wetlands) and getting hailed on. I'll collect all that together when i head across the border to Oklahoma. Which will hopefully be in two days, if the weather doesn't surprise me again!
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