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singapore sunset
Another weekend where i spent the majority of the time asleep. I'm exhausted again, don't know if it's uni or work or the combination but i'm over it all. Oh well. Least it saves money coming home at 1am instead of sometime the next day. But instead of bitchin and moanin, i present another installment of Al's Kick Ass 5 Minute Foodseses.

Apple Chimi Thing

So tonight i wanted dessert and i had no chocolate or anything so i was feeling sorry for myself when i realized i had an apple floating around the house. I also had honey, cinnamon and tortillas. Fuckin a.
  • 1 tortilla

  • 1 small apple

  • cinnamon

  • honey

  • oil

  • sugar

Slice apple real thin and dump on a plate. Heat the pan up really hot then drizzle in some oil and sprinkle sugar all over. Place tortilla in the pan. Distribute apples in a line down the tortilla. Sprinkle cinnamon and squirt honey on top. Go have a cigarette. When you're back the tortilla should be all sugary and charred on the bottom. Roll it up and flip it over to seal it a bit. Give a couple more minutes then take it out, chuck it back on the plate, dump it in the microwave for 40 seconds to soften the apples up a bit more and there you have it. Under 10 minutes and you have a sweet ass dessert that cost under a buck to make and tastes like heaven. Just needed some whip cream, but that'd require actually getting out of the house - too much effort for Sunday evening. Anywho. Good stuffs.

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You reinvented the flauta! :9

:D In my head when i found the apple i was going more for a McD's apple pie feel... but once the sugar crystalized and crunchified the tortilla i could almost hear the mariachi going in the background... Yummo!

Holy Crap. Just tonight, my pal Brian and I went to Checkers for some burgers (really good drive-thru chain, but there's only one around here). Besides the tasty burgers, they have apple pies that are the closest thing to old-skool McDonald's pies I've ever had. Deep-fried, cinnamon on the outside, really hot... They are positively orgasmic. Just thought I'd share. :)

If Safeway weren't closed right now I'd head right over there and pick up some apples... Something to look forward to tomorrow.

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