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A.L. The Drummer
singapore sunset
So here we go, for those of you who are interested - my ultra hip drum machine program!

It's a Java 5 application so should run on any computer with a soundcard as long as you have Java 5 installed. This can be downloaded at .

Basically you just unzip the file and double-click jdm.jar, or go into the right directory on the command line and type "java -jar jdm.jar" (no quotes). It's pretty simple - check out the JDM.txt for details - but should be a bit of a fun distraction :-) It'd be awesome if anyone who downloads could send me comments and/or bug reports. I've got just under two weeks to submit the final version with documentation. Can't believe it's just a couple weeks to go till my uni is all over. Awesome. Now i just need to pay off all the debt i've amassed ;-)

Tomorrow is Ekka Day. Thought i was gonna have to work and swap days but i guess my boss found it in his heart to give us a break for a change. Also it's official, one of my colleagues and best friends at work resigned today to move on to greener pastures (innercity office and chunky raise). I know i could do the same thing and i think i will after Earthcore. I could really use every extra cent.

Had a wonderful weekend just gone, more later :-)

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...having some trouble getting it going on OS X 10.4. But Apple has a strange implementation of Java. I'll do some more poking around - and install the app on my PC, too.

Just make sure you're running with Java 1.5 and not one of the earlier versions. Aside from that it should be okay, it doesn't use anything platform-specific. Let me know if any odd debug messages come out, it'd be good to get it all fixed before i have to hand in my final version :)

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