amw (amw) wrote,

food for less

GAH! Why does the local Food For Less suck so hard? Here is the list of items i used to buy regularly until they mysteriously disappeared off the shelves never to be seen again:

Byron Bay Chili Co Salsa
Primo Hungarian Salami
Buttercup Lavash Bread
Doritos Salsarama
Doritos Sour Cream & Onion
Hormel SPAM Lite
Birds Eye Chili Fish Fillets
Old El Paso Jumbo Tortillas
fresh jalapeno peppers
Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Trek down to the Woolies at Moorooka and they're all there, along with stroopwafels, fritesaus, pindasaus, fucking deli section with the works, blah blah. But i don't want to go to Moorooka because i have to drive and i try to only drive 4 days a week to work and back. Stupid Food For Less :-(

So i guess tonight it will be some Birds Eye Lemon Fish Fillets and some homemade french fries. With fritesaus. And whatever L&P Worcestershire sauce i have left from the last Moorooka mission. And plenty of beers. Firefly starts tonight on Fox 8. It better be as good as everyone says it is or... or... or i'll be disappointed because SG-1, Atlantis, Enterprise AND Battlestar are all offline at the moment. Must get sci-fi fix... need teh spaceships...
Tags: alcoholism, food, sci-fi, tv

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