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Spookehhh!!! So Halloween in Australia is still pretty disappointing after America, but it's definitely getting more popular than it used to be. This weekend there were TWO (count em) night clubs doing Halloween gigs, jungle or psytrance, pick your poison. And i even got invited to a Halloween house party. Yay for the global village :-) I ended up at the house party all night and didn't make it to Spooky Doom teh eeeevil psytrance gig, but ah well. We had a bit of a Halloweeny moment being stuck waiting for a cab at a train station in a really dodgy suburb out in the sticks with too many drunken bogans commenting on my Boy George hat. Pfft. I think i might recycle that hat for Melbourne Cup tomorrow if i can find it. I also discovered shots are fun for like half an hour and then you sober up again. Boo shots. Beer is still king.

In other news i've been invited to be a bridesmaid. That was scarier than Halloween. I've worn one dress in my life, once. This is gonna be hard. At least i have some tits to put in a dress now though due to getting so fat. I feel really fucking old knowing my friends are getting married. You know, my peers. Some of my friends have kids but this just seems bigger. It's like... getting married is what my parents do. Ah well, i shall help organize and go and i'm sure it will be beautiful and we had the fuckin engagement party at The Beat anyway so getting old can bite me and everyone else. It's exciting :-)

Next week it's down the coast for a swim! Yay! And soon, Earthcore. Can't wait for those two weeks off work. The days are so nice lately and i want to enjoy them instead of being stuck in a cube. I hate my job. Fuckin long live the weekend hey. 4.5 more days to go.

Oh... and BOO!!!!
Tags: alcoholism, anxiety, career, clothes, gender, manic

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