amw (amw) wrote,

war wounds

So, umm, we were sitting at the Plough Inn for some drinks yesterday afternoon when a bit of joking around escalated into this yobbo going crazy and punching my friend in the face, bleeding nose, glass all over the place, tables everywhere, sliced my finger open, the guy got away, the cops only rocked up an hour later and most likely won't do shit. Fuck.

It just made me really upset and angry while we sat there waiting for the coppers and then sat there longer for my friend and his girlfriend to try settle down... I have no tolerance for people like that hey. I don't care how provoked you get or how drunk you are there's just no excuse for being a cunt and attacking someone and fucking up the night of everyone in the whole bar. If you're not out to have fun then fuck off, you know. Blah.
Tags: alcoholism, australia sucks, my surreal life

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