amw (amw) wrote,

holy moly

You know there's another reason why i'm excited. T's sending my CDs back!!! I cannot even begin to explain how desperately badly i've missed them over the past couple years. It drives me nuts not being able to just pick up and play something i know i own. I didn't want to write to her to ask for it before because she'd asked me not to write, but i did it anyway a week or so ago and this weekend i got a mail saying she was sending them through. That's made me so happy i just can't get over it. I was so scared i'd never see them again. I'm almost crying at the thought of hearing them hey. It's not even the most amazing music in the world, it's just music that's mine, that i've grown up with and that's a part of me. I'll be getting a part of me back :) God i AM about to cry. Ack.
Tags: music

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