amw (amw) wrote,

Dear Anonymous Hippie

You know i'm getting pretty tired of hearing people rant and rave about some big American government conspiracy against the people. Here's a thought: if you're an American why don't you move to one of your socialist Greenpeace utopias like New Zealand and live in bliss? If you're not an American then shut the fuck up.

I have never claimed that America was some kind of Garden of Eden. All i know is that the times i have been there i have felt comfortable and at home. I have enjoyed talking to Americans and - yes - i enjoy watching CNN and Fox. This is precisely contrary to Australia, where i have never felt at home, where just about everyone i talk to pisses me off, and where i find the media so painfully awful it's not funny.

Oh no. Americans drive SUVs. Big fucking deal. Get over your puritanical self and suck it up or pack your bags.
Tags: rants

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