amw (amw) wrote,

Sydney riots

Fuck that man. I was up till midnight last night following the snippets of news that kept coming in. I just had a feeling things were going to go to the shitter when last week a bunch of bogans came out of the closet on some web forums i read saying white Australians should take up arms and kick the Leb's back to their own country. You know this year i've been thinking about getting my Australian citizenship and then shit like this happens and it just makes me wonder why. I'm an immigrant but you know it's okay because i'm white and my first language is English. Of course the Middle Easterners and Greeks should be sent back to their home countries because they're not real Aussies, even if they're second generation. For fuck's sake. Gang crime is gang crime, it's not something that should spark retaliation against every fucking dark-skinned person in the whole city. Let the coppers deal with the gangsters. And i really hope the coppers deal harshly with the bogan fucks who caused all the shit last night. Sigh.
Tags: immigration, news, politics, rants

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