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Here's my brand new meme i made just because i've been watching my diet recently - partly for weight/health reasons and partly just because i'm interested in what i eat. This is the Monday To Friday 50 Weeks A Year Work Day Diet Meme.

2x flat bread with cheese, tomato and salami

Coffee Break:
3x Vita-Weat crackers

2x flat bread with cheese, tomato and ham

Snack Time (new development in late 2005):
1x ya pear
1x peach

Dinner Rolling Menu:
2x bean/cheese burritos
2x fried potato/spam/cheese burritos
4x mini papadums and bowl potato/lentil curry
2x fish and homemade chips
bowl bean/cheese nachos
bowl Stagg's chili/cheese nachos
4x bean/sweetcorn/cheese enchiladas
bowl nasi goreng
bowl carbonara/Italian noodles

I rarely eat meat at home - it's more of a treat for when i go out to eat. I don't know if it's because i can't cook it properly or because the local store has such a shit selection or because i just can't be bothered. If i do eat meat at home it's hotdogs (cut into bits and thrown into nasi goreng or noodles or sometimes burritos) or spam. Those meats last forever and taste consistently good (rather than usually gross and occasionally great). Plus they have no gristle and i fucking hate gristle. Let's not even talk bones.

Looking at it i really don't eat that badly, ignoring my lack of green vegetables. The weekends are a different story, but this is the weekday diet. I guess i'm just drinking too much beer and not doing enough exercise.

I also don't like eating boring food in the evenings. I'd like to cook something more interesting but i'm too tired and too hungry most days - i just want to eat and zone out in front of the TV as soon as i'm home from work. I'd like to make a salad every night. That used to be on my rolling menu too - carrot, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, feta, ranch, nice big mixture. I stopped making it because it took too long and the vegetables went off on the days that i couldn't be stuffed cooking. I love good food and while i do like everything i cook in the evenings now it's not the kick ass drenched in flavor awesome shit that it could be. Gar.

I'm moving to Melbourne.
Tags: alcoholism, food, my boring life

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