amw (amw) wrote,

the green stuff

My flatmate is a pothead. I don't know how much he smokes in grams or ounces, but he smokes it pure through a bong. Probably 5-10 cones before work. More cones at work. 15+ every night after coming home. He closes all the doors and windows before he smokes, out of fear the neighbors will report him. In 35+ (95F) weather with humidity hovering around 80% and a home entertainment system half the size of the lounge room, that means it's hot, humid, smokey and smelly downstairs. And upstairs. Even in my bedroom with the door closed it gets smokey! And unless i get out of bed before him, i wake up with gray crap in my nose from the smoke, a sore throat and dry eyes.

I can't really complain. I get the house to myself 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm when he is at work. He pays for cable TV and has the aforementioned home entertainment system. But fuck me. Last night he brought home a giant bud. It smelled so green i could almost taste it when he was pulling into the garage. The house STILL smells, even with me having the doors and windows wide open for the last two hours. He was so excited. He showed it to me and was like, "see how it glistens, see the green and brown and gold flecks, it's so beautiful". Yes Smeagol.

Potheads really shit me. I've never known another drug to turn people into such complete fuckheads; some of my (ex) friends have gone completely schizophrenic (no exaggeration), some are just overly paranoid, some are tense beyond belief - anxiety abounds. I've had people yelling and smashing shit in my house because they weren't able to get hooked up. People who come home and they're on the verge of homicide till they suck down a few. It makes me sick. My current flatmate is the most stable pothead i've ever known. He smokes heavily, but he's able to do his job and aside from closing the house up he's not that paranoid. It still shits me though. I am really not going to miss this when i move out. Marijuana can bite my shiny metal ass. Why can't i have normal drug addict roommates like crackheads?
Tags: rants

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