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Christmas schedule
singapore sunset
I made fish tacos last night and they were a lot yummier than i thought they were going to be. I crumbed the fish myself with tiny diced stale tortilla bits and dried garlic. Fried it up, crumbled the fish with cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes and jalapenos and Byron Bay salsa... I could've gone the omelette direction but i only buy eggs once every few months so i wrapped it in a couple of small fresh tortillas instead. Yummo. Full on Christmas stylee - i actually had some seafood this year!

So here's the schedule for another down under sunny Christmas. Today is beers at home till 5pm when i'll be heading in to a Christmas Eve gig that goes till midnight when the Jesus people make us stop dancing :-( But it's for a good cause - to raise money for an artist who spent a grand getting to Earthcore because his car broke down and he had to catch a cab out to the middle of the bush just to play his set. Unfortunately it's gonna be mostly breaks and jungle but if i get pissed enough i won't care. Should be a real up for it crowd to come out on Christmas Eve. Plus J Frantik will be pulling out the hard dance and psy toward the end, and if it's half as good as what HHUK is playing right now it's gonna be 'avin it.

Christmas Day it's off to M's house for beers and swims in the pool and maybe even a BBQ and gifts and stuff. That should be fun - first Christmas since America i'm not spending at home! Then we'll be picked up by another friend to go to a Christmas night pre-party thingo... And at midnight when the Jesus people let us dance again it's out for some trashy times on the town! Not sure where the rest of the party will want to go but i'm planning on The Beat. I'm really going to miss that place :-(

NYE is looking shithouse as usual, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Pete Tong would be alright if it wasn't going to be chockas and no cabs and a million drunken tossers who don't even like techno music. The night might be skipped in favor of NYD shenanigans. Oh well. For now i'm just buzzin... four fuckin days off hey! Right. Time to enjoy it ;-)

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Chilling in the pool on Christmas... That sounds fantastic. Not quite that nice up here - though it is unseasonably warm. Almost 60 today! No snow in sight...

That's not bad at all! It's going to be about 95 here today, though the humidity will be through the roof as usual. I don't mind it too much any more as long as you're wearing as few clothes as possible and slothing around, so Christmas is fine :D

In other news that Christmas Eve party sucked the big one. I knew i should've gone to a gay club instead, at least they know how to party. Everyone piked on it, there were heaps of people saying yeah i'm going and then noone rocked up. Bummer too because the music was actually pretty good. Oh well. Got another chance today :-) Merry Christmas!

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