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work that motherfucker
singapore sunset
Happy New Year and all. Thursday i took the day off work and had heaps of people call about the car. I also started packing. Someone put down a deposit. Yesterday i went bra shopping for the wedding. Today it's Saturday and at 7am i am already awake because i get my hair done for the wedding at 9am. After that i buy shoes for the wedding. After that i go to the hen's night at 6pm. Sunday i must finish packing - i still have CDs and synthesizers to go. Sunday i must also go through all the spare car parts in my garage and put the useful ones in the car. Monday morning i'm quitting my job. Monday evening i'm driving my car to the suburbs, removing the license plates, getting a wad of cash, coming home. I wanted to go to Open Dex too, but i doubt that will happen. Thursday sometime during the day our stuff is going to be moved, i think M will handle it for me because i can't afford to take time off work. She's been organizing lots of stuff to let me keep working and it's fucking awesome. Thursday evening i am doing a cooking class i booked in for ages ago, all about knives and presentation. Friday evening i am going to a snazzy hotel with the wedding party. Saturday morning first thing i am going to put on a stupid dress and stupid shoes and stupid hair and go in a limo to the wedding. All day.

But next Sunday i am going to do a metric assload of nothing. God would be proud.

Last night we had the biggest storm in ages - ice-cube sized blocks of hail hammering down on the roof, flying sideways and smacking into windows and doors. I haven't been outside yet, i hope my car isn't destroyed because the deposit is there and i'm delivering it Monday. Lightning, thunder, rain, it was real tropical fat st0rminess. I wonder if they have that in Melbourne? Love the storms.

New Year's was average. We missed City Lickers Big Lesbian New Year's Eve due to mass pikeage by mates and then complaining of gay male friends who couldn't come. So we saw it in sitting in the corner of the Wickham drinking Cosmos. First time ever i had that drink and it's actually not shithouse like most cocktails. I may order it more often. Anywho. We didn't even see the shows and i didn't even dance, so the night was just drinks and chats and busyness - not that exciting. New Year's Day on the other hand!!! Open Dex at Birdee's - the pool was open, $9 jugs of beer, BBQ food, house and trance outside, hard dance and jungle inside, chilled vibe, in the evening Sven got up on the decks and played some banging acid... fuckin awesome. Best New Year's ever. Nothing like sitting out in the beer garden, pool, barbie, house music, backpackers, ravers, happy times.

Well, i guess i should get myself moving. Time to get my hair done. Bleeeeh. It's all gray and depressing European weather outside. Hopefully we get some sweaty humid sun again so i can whine about the heat. Gotta soak it all in before i go down to Melbs and freeze solid!

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One of these days I've got to acquaint myself with a map of Australia just to figure out where you are... Glad your New Years was fun!

Well Brisbane's about 1/3rd of the way up the east coast. Further north is jungle and crocs and rednecks ;-) About 1/8th of the way up the east coast is Sydney. And then just on the south east corner, north of Tasmania (the little island) is Melbourne. It's practically the south pole :-(

Heh. My public-school geography education has truly failed me. I had no idea Brisbane and Melbourne were that far apart... It certainly does appear you'll be seeing more of a winter than you do now, if southern latitudes equate to northern ones.

I'm afraid there hasn't been a good storm in Melbourne since I moved here in Augsut 2004. Brissie takes the cake as far as storms are concerned. :o(

Ah well, i'm sure i'll be too busy eating great food and living the highlife to miss a few storms :-)

Nonsene, Melbourne does get the occassional good storm, there was a great one only a couple of weeks ago. Ok, Brisbane has several great storms every year.

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