amw (amw) wrote,

RIP Bertie!

The poor boy, he's been passed on to new owners to have a sex change and become a pimpin' tricked out ride. I'll miss his crunchy gearbox, leaky hatch, broken stereo and 140hp of raw Japanese muscle. The last ride was down to Brown's Plains, a nice cruisy trip down Beaudesert Road at twilight. A fitting end to my old buddy :-)

I am now on target to have only one credit card remaining when i move to Melbourne. It will have somewhere around $3000-3500 on it - the extra $500 from the move. I will then need a job - that's still percolating.

I watched Supersize Me today (well, bits of it). I'd been avoiding it for ages worried it was going to be a whiney bitchfest like Michael Moore's flicks are, but it was pretty funny. Poor guy looked terrible at the end of it! But yanno even if it is bad for me i wish they had half the good shit on the Australian menu that they have in America. I miss breakfast croissants and breakfast burritos and jalapeno poppers and cheese stick things and all that cool stuff. Fast food is yummy every now and then, though after watching the movie i'll think twice now about getting it two days running ;-)

This is the last mega stress week. This time next week M will've flown out and i'll have a few more weeks to kick back before i go too. I wanna party hard, but i need to keep strict on the money. It'll be worth it in the end. I quit yesterday so it's real now. It's really happening! Another crazy move with no forward planning, whatever could go wrong? ;-) Fuck it, i'm young, i'm gonna have fun.
Tags: car, food, manic, movies

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