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singapore sunset
Well it's all gone. All my shit is in Melbourne. M is down there unpacking and setting up and starting work. I have two weeks here in a room with only a computer and a bed. Hopefully i can sell the bed too. If anyone reading this knows Brisbanites who'd like a bed and/or desk, please drop me a line. I don't expect much money - i mean worst case scenario i'll give it to charity anyway.

One of the most depressing things about my stuff being gone is NO MUSIC. And not only no music but NO MOVIES. Normally on the weekend i'm busy out and about and doing things, but because i'm going so hard on the credit cards i now have no money so i can't even go out. Fuck i can't even afford to get hammered at home. I can't even afford to pick up something to read from the comic shop! DVDs are all gone. CDs? I have a local trance mix CD, a local acid mix CD, the Kadoc album (house), and a Norman Cook house compilation. Listened to them way too much the last week.

And Michael Bublé. I saw him on Rove (Aussie Letterman) a while ago and thought he was hilariously smarmy. Getting his self-titled CD was one hell of an unexpected Christmas gift. My weak spot for smarmy pretty boys is supposed to be an LJ secret ;-) Anywho, turns out he's really popular here in Australia for some reason. Some of his stuff's a bit overblown, but when he gets that rolling syllable action going it's like Marc Almond or Chris Isaak and it's the bomb. I need to find more of that jazzy croony torch song stuff without going too deep into the overblown love song arena. Swingin' and groovy.

I guess i should get back to staring blankly at the walls for a while. Yay.

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So, what sort of desk is it (size and type) and how much you want for it? :)

(Deleted comment)
Ha! It's just an Ikea thingo, not sure on size because i don't have a measure tape but it's probably about 60x180 i guess - flat white vinyl/chipboard top and adjustable height metal legs with plastic feet. It's really sturdy - i had a PC on there plus a bunch of synths and things. Only worth about $120 new so i wouldn't expect to get much (if anything) for it now. I'd just be happy to see it go to a good home :-)

(Deleted comment)
A couple of weeks of boredom is well worth it, my friend.

Where abouts are you going to be living?

Actually turns out it was GREAT to do nothing for a weekend. I sat at home with the couple of beers i could afford and ate chocolate and curry and watched Oceans 12 and Flashdance and War of the Worlds and whatever else i found on cable. Wonderfully relaxing :-)

I'll be living in South Yarra! Just off Domain Rd about halfway between Chapel St and St Kilda Rd. It's a lovely neighborhood, if a little (lot) pretentious. The place i'll be living in is one of those dingy old apartments stuffed in between the pretty houses...


...I might have to check this one out. Been listening to a lot of Sinatra lately, too. Must be getting old. Good luck with your impending move. At my last place, my roommate moved out about 2 weeks before I did, and I was left with nothing besides a bed, my laptop, and my clothes. I spent a lot of time at work those two weeks.

How much are they charging? If it's cheap then why not :-) Just don't think of the old factor... in Sinatra's prime he was a teenybopper heartthrob, right? We're young for our age!

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