amw (amw) wrote,

ronald reagan

Okay, i shouldn't be posting because it's past midnight and i have to get up for work tomorrow, but this is too funny. Or maybe just in my current state it seems funnier than it is. Big banner:


Bahahahahaa!!! The Beat of course being the second gayest club in Brisbane and inarguably the trashiest. Poor sailors. Don't ask don't tell...

I was at Birdee's tonight for Open Dex and as seems to be the rule with me, the first table i sat down at was military. No idea how it happens, i just always end up talking to soldiers. Poor guys wanted some hip-hop, r'n'b and salsa music. The best we could do was West Coast breaks, which didn't do it for them... Ah well. I enjoyed the acid house and left them to it. Hopefully Wednesday they'll find what they're looking for.

I felt like a real dick this morning when i told a girl at the bus stop that it stopped on Adelaide St when my brain was saying George St. I hopped out on George St and she probably ended up at QUT Garden's Point. Oops :-( I'm so non-functional when i'm tired. My mouth and my brain don't have a connection.

I am tired now so i will sleep. Good night :-)
Tags: news, raving, scatterbrain

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