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my music :(
singapore sunset
You know it's been over two months now since T sent off my CDs. Almost three months. Surface mail should only take 6-8 weeks at the most so i'm really worried. Half my fucking life is in that box, 100 stupid pieces of plastic with songs that i listened to for hours, tracks that made me ME. I don't even want to think about the possibility that they could've been stolen or lost. But here i am, 10 days away from moving interstate, half my CDs are in Melbourne, and half my CDs are God knows where. I could cry! There's stuff in there... deleted stuff, stuff that was deleted 10 years ago... indie stuff, stuff friends made with runs of under 50 copies, stuff i haven't listened to for years, stuff with memories... my stuff :-(

Trying not to think about it. Work pissed me off today. I was hungover from ADay anyway and then i was being worked way too hard again - last week i worked till 6-6:30 every fucking day and this week i've put in a lot too and it's all stuff i'm not even supposed to be working on. A new guy is starting next week as my replacement and i haven't had time to organize all the documentation and things i wanted to set up to kick him off. Next week i'm leaving at 5pm every day, period. Though that's what i said this week too. You know it wouldn't be so bad if i actually got paid overtime. *sigh*

But anyway. Omid 16B was the fucking bomb last night. Sorta a bit proggy but with tech and house and things mixed in. He played "Good Life" - that scores big points in my book. I also saw lots of old friends from doofs in the 90s that i hadn't seen for years... It was awesome to catch up and round off my time in Brisbane with the people i first started hanging with when i moved here. Crazy stuff. The BBQ beforehand was cool too, even the green ant bites on my ass that still itch now are kinda funny. Well no, they just itch. But they will be funny in a few days.

So back to sleep and excitement about moving and worry about no CDs and wondering how to sell or otherwise donate my bed in the next few days. Eep!

Update: Oh, and i miss the sailors! It always makes the town feel more cosmopolitan when we have lots of young Americans running round. They're always so up for a party and relatively well-behaved considering the stereotypes. I'm bummed i didn't get to see the carrier because by all accounts it's one hell of a ship, but i think i might've seen some of the planes zipping round yesterday morning - they were hell fast, their engine noise was like 60 degrees behind them. Crazy. They're off to Singapore now and then the Gulf i think. Be cool if Brissy became a regular stop-off, it does wonders for the economy and the mood of the city.

Update 2: I'm not actually as miserable as i sound. After all it's the weekend!!! I'm just a little bitch. Gimme a break, i have ant bites all over my ass.

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Oh you poor thing... I know how you feel, I love my music just the same. That's why everything I buy is immediately MP3ised... well, it's also because I've got an iPod, but having it on CD and MP3 means if you lose one you've still got the other.

Still, the internet is wondrous place, if you have lost them just download them back. You paid for them once. :-)

It's not the same :-( I like uncompressed CD quality audio. Plus i haven't had my PC plugged into the stereo since 2001 or something so i'd have to listen through PC speakers too and that's even more icky. I just want my music i can hold!!!

That really sucks. I can't remember what the max time they said it could be was? Anyway, there were a couple other things in there I wanted you to have. Hopefully it will show up.

The USPS website says 4-6 weeks :-( I could understand another couple weeks because of the Christmas rush, but still. I guess it's possible they already delivered it and i didn't get the little notice to pickup postcard thing. I'll call the post office Monday to see if they have anything on their computers. My only other hope is it's stuck in customs for some reason. Crap :-(

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