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no more work
singapore sunset
No more work. Been there for about five years all up, including the time i worked there before i went to America for a year. It's weird to have no job again, no plans, just some money in my bank account and a head full of dreams. Last time i had one of the most wonderful years of my life, tempered mostly by how fucking shit it was to have no job and feel useless. This time i hope to find something that will fulfil me, and maybe even something novel and interesting besides another programming spot.

We went to Montezuma's for my going away lunch. It's the first time i've been to a Mexican restuarant in Brisbane; i've always kinda avoided them out of fear it won't be as good as California. I was right. I got the shredded beef 'rito as you gotta do when you find a new place. The serving was fairly average sized; looks like they use those 10" tortillas that you get at home. Certainly enough to fill you up, but for $17 at a restaurant you kinda expect one of those fuck off giant ritos from hell. The rice was good. The beans was, well, beans. The rito itself was salty beef in a tortilla with tomato paste and cheese and olives (!!!????) on the top :-( Zero spice factor and because they don't have hot sauce on the table no opportunity to add any either. What's the point of eating Mexican food if it tastes like steak and chips at the pub? Okay, it wasn't completely terrible, but it was definitely... average. In fact, it tasted remarkably similar to Taco Bell. Ah well, at least the margaritas were alright, and it was really nice to chill with my colleagues one last time before going.

When i got home i cooked nachos with chicken and beans and cinnamon and chili and tabasco and this and that. It was much yummier.

So i was going to be ready for my massive crazy week of partying. Friday night at home with beers celebrating end of work. Saturday night big fuck off going away party in the Val. Sunday night Open Dex and saying goodbye to all of that crew. Tuesday night graduation drinks with all the student crew. Wednesday night my birthday. Friday night in Melbourne, Frankie Knuckles. I expected to be a total wreck come the 13th. Instead i'm a total wreck now. I went out for dinner with friends Wednesday night and had a bit too much wine and smoked a lot more than my 2-cigarette limit for weekdays and Thursday i had a sore throat. Friday it was sorer. Today, sorest. WTF. I woke up all last night in a cold sweat, coughing my guts up, sore throat, blocked nose, even breathing hurts. I'd skipped the beers. Tonight i HAVE to go out but it looks like i might be smacked out on Sudafed all night. Fuckin party bro...

Wow, feels so strange to be free of work. My bed is gone too now, so it's all really real - all i have left here is two suitcases worth of stuff. And prayers to the postie god that my CDs are on a dock somewhere. Next Thursday is the big day; i'm looking forward to it. :-)