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Alright! I've been here a week now and my ISP is steadfastly refusing to hurry up with connecting the ADSL, so i've been doing daily trips to expensive internet cafes since Monday. Today was the first day i checked LJ, though, caught all the way up on my friends posts :-)

On my birthday i cut my hair short and went down the coast to paddle in the ocean and drink beer. That was lots of fun. The next day i was flying down to Melbs.

Oh my is it kicking ass here. There's not much room in our apartment but everything is unpacked now, although some things are still in piles on the floor (and i'm still missing those 100+ CDs from America). Let me paint the picture with Tuesday's schedule.

Got up at 7am and made a ham quesadilla for breakfast. Drank a juice and a coke. Left the house at 8:15 to walk half an hour - through a park - to a JobNetwork partner as part of my dole obligation. Snoozed through the how-to-write-a-resume training session, then bought a paper on Chapel St. Sat down at a cafe in the (somewhat) gay district and read the paper with coffee and juice. Wandered on to the markets to pick up Cholula hot sauce (!), various lentils for dahl, some mini Roma tomatoes etc. Had a quick stop-off at the internet cafe to do some work before going back to the markets to pick up dinner - fresh tuna steaks, fresh rosemary, a lime, some tiny cocktail potatoes... Walked back home through the park and made dinner, then walked to the movie theater to watch Brokeback Mountain - stopping on the way to get a raspberry soda at a diner replete with little jukeboxes in the booths.

This is the fucking life, man. Of course it probably feels better because i don't have work to get in the way of it, but damn. Finally living in the city again. And a better "city" than West End in Brissy too. I could walk to the central city/downtown area too - i reckon it'd be under a half hour through a park ALL THE WAY. Like directly from my front door to the city hall. Oh my god. I never want to go back to the suburbs again!!!

But there's a few duds too. The weather is wonky. I never thought i'd miss that relentless humidity of Brisbane, but it's so dry here i feel like my skin's going to peel off. When it's hot you can feel all these icky spots of sweat on your brow and under your arms, rather than just being slick all over. (Somehow that makes the sweat feel more gross, don't ask me why.) When it's cold it's really motherfucking cold - and it's supposed to still be summer! I was hoping the grocery stores down here would have all this great big-city selection, but they stock exactly the same stuff as my crappy local Food-4-Less in Brissy. I feel like i should learn Korean or Mandarin just to be polite to all the clerks and shopkeepers. I don't know where all the famous Melbourne Greeks are - even in the Greek district seems like everyone on the streets is Asian. Weird. And fuck me, in our area... i swear if i see another group of private schoolgirls in those ridiculous Dior glasses going "like, OH MY GUUUD" i'm going to scream. I do feel a little out of place walking past people in their Lamborghinis with a VB sweater that i got free with a carton of beer tied round my waist.

But you know what. It still fucking kicks ass. The chilly air reminds me of Europe and the bottle shops open late make me happy and having a market where they sell Cholula (it's not Tapatio, but it's better than Tabasco) rocks ass and being able to walk to everything makes my waistline less wobbly and seeing Frankie Knuckles spin at a gay club was awesome and yes. It's just good.

Now i just need to find a job. I've been doing a bit of work for my old employer, but it's not really going to let me keep living it up yuppie-style. So i should really become a stock broker and buy a Ferrari but that would involve more office fluorescents and 9 to 5. Just what i wanted to leave behind. We'll see what happens; i can afford to wait a little while.

Yay :-)
Tags: career, freedom, my boring life, raving, straya

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