amw (amw) wrote,

absolutely fabulous

I just realized i can play my Pet Shop Boys DVD with 41 tracks in my computer, providing me with hours of entertainment while i try to catch up on email. Everyone is at work so i can let it all hang out.

Every roommate i've ever had was/is gay. One liked trance and New Order. One liked trance and Adamski. One liked progressive house and INXS. This one likes fucking Muse and Placebo and Marilyn Manson. So much for stereotypes. I want a roommate who'll revel in Soft Cell, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys and hours of trashy 80s Chicago house :-( Admittedly, my faggy house music is acceptable in this house, which although mixing strangely with goth-y metal-y stuff is an improvement over previous houses where house music was practically the devil's own.

On a related note, all my Dead or Alive CDs are in the box of CDs that has mysteriously disappeared. I'm going to make a MIA list soon.

I had a job interview yesterday, and one is coming up tomorrow. They're just kitchen hand jobs. I want a straightforward job that's not IT until i decide what i really want to do. If i don't totally hate it i might consider apprenticing. If i do totally hate it i might just give up on the whole fucking thing and go do a masters or something stupid. I'd like to be an A&R person. Then i could throw away all the shitty indie rock tapes and make pop music gay again. Plus i could make lots of money. Maybe.

I just realized yesterday that The Scissor Sisters is the band that makes all those songs i thought were new Prince. Bizarre. It's like when i found out that this overplayed proggy song was Madonna, for ages i just thought it was just some random club hit. It makes me feel out of touch with the young people. My elite pop music knowledge of 2005 is that Kanye West had a song called "Gold Digger". The embarrassing part is that i kinda liked it. 2006 is still a mystery.

I'm so old!

I'm still feeling a bit sad.

I should also get back to email.
Tags: career, depression, music, my boring life

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