amw (amw) wrote,

i have cold feet

Melbourne is cold. Here are some more fun facts:
  • Dogs don't have to be leashed.

  • They don't sell kebabs anywhere, only souvlakis. Brisbane kebab shops use markouk or lavash to make monster burritos, here it's a flimsy pita that falls apart when you pick it up.

  • On some two-lane roads, when you do a right turn (left turn for the Americans) you have to do it from the outer lane so as not to block trams on the inner lane.

I don't want to jinx myself, but i think i scored a job at the casino. I had a two-day trial as a kitchen hand at one of the restaurants over the weekend, and the chef seemed keen to take me on. Hopefully i'll be called tomorrow and start properly soon. It's funny how ten years later on the other side of the planet kitchen hardware is exactly the same - same size, same shapes, same everything. I'm doing the same fucking job i did when i was 16.

The trial wasn't too bad. It's physically exhausting work, but at least when i leave work i can hold a sensible conversation with people and my mind is still sharp even though my body's fucked. Makes a nice change from being a zombie after work. Hopefully my body will hold out.

I went to the doctor to try fix my knees. They've been hurting since 2001 or thereabouts. I get stabbing pain when they're bent and constricted, and sometimes they're so weak i can't even stand up. I got x-rays and pills and a blood test and i'll be going back in a week or two for results. The anti-inflammatory pills i'm on seem to have stopped the worst of the pain already, but it'd be good to fix them finally.

I kinda lost track of where i was going with this :-(
Tags: career, decrepit, scatterbrain

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