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Here are the worst casualties of the apparent mass CD lossage.
  • All Electric Kitchen albums, out of print and rare, one limited edition/burned

  • Amorphous - The Mirage Paradigm, limited edition/burned

  • Bionaut albums, out of print and rare, one limited edition/burned

  • Crash AD - Thermal System, out of print and rare

  • Exxos - Dune: Spice Opera, out of print, EXTREMELY FUCKING RARE and one of my favorites

  • Dan Forden's MK soundtrack, out of print and very rare

  • Lords of Acid - Heaven is an Orgasm, signed and numbered limited edition

In addition to these CDs that are FUCKING IRREPLACEABLE, i've also lost countless stuff that i'll have to buy all over again...
  • Alien Sex Fiend

  • Marc Almond

  • Blondie

  • David Bowie

  • John Carpenter

  • The Cure (5 albums)

  • Dead or Alive (4 albums)

  • Deep Purple

  • Depeche Mode (3 albums)

  • Dune

  • Eboman

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  • Herbie Hancock

  • The Human League

  • Ice T (3 albums)

  • The Immortals

  • Chris Isaak (4 albums)

  • Johnny Hates Jazz

  • Lords of Acid (3 albums)

  • Ministry

  • Moby

  • Giorgio Moroder

  • Nine Inch Nails (10 fucking albums and singles)

  • ...heaps more i didn't list

It makes me need to cry :-( Everyone's saying i should just download MP3s and burn CDs but it's not the fucking same. I want the covers too, i want CD quality sound, i want the real thing, i want the CDs i spent ages hunting down and took home with me so happy to hear that first time. I just want my music back. I hope whichever cunt stole them (assuming someone did) dies painfully. It's like a little piece of my heart gone that i'll never get back.
Tags: depression, music

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