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Okay, so that was just downright creepy. I just cut some mushrooms and put them in the saucepan... looked away for a second then heard a *crack* and a mushroom jumped out of the pan onto the stove top. I put it back in, turned to wash the knife, then *crack* it happened again. Strange things are afoot...

I'm going to eat a good garlic and mushroom noodle thing tonight with cheese and cucumber on the side. Another fairly healthy meal for a sick me. I was up way too late last night copying 3-4 gigs of data from my old computer to my new computer. Stupidly, i forgot to archive the files beforehand, so it took about 5 hours. Still, here i am with my new PC, finally. I will spare you the details of all the crap i went through over the past two months to get it.

My old computer was called California. My new one is Nineveh. Before that i had Jem and Kimber. California was too long and not cool enough sounding. At work my computer has been called Pheobe for 3 years straight, much to my annoyance. Yes, a naming scheme based on moons of Saturn is kinda groovy, but not when you misspell freaking "Phoebe". Am i a geek? Yes. Bite me.
Tags: food, my boring life, my surreal life, sick

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