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the CD i miss the most...

The CD i miss the most is Exxos "Dune: Spice Opera". The reason why is it was the first CD i bought. It wasn't the first CD i owned, because i gave money to a friend at school whose uncle worked at Virgin Records who would be able to find me a copy (it was already rare in 1993). I didn't get the CD until after i bought a Deep Purple album (the other "first CD" i ever bought), but it was the first i spent money on. I listened to it over and over, and i listened to a taped copy from a friend before i had the CD. It was the first "techno" CD i bought, though really it had more in common with new age-y synth music like Jean Michel Jarre or Deep Forest than anything most people would call techno. But it was special and it was unique and noone else had a copy, and it's got a lot of sentimentality attached to it for me.

So imagine my surprise when one of my saved eBay searches came back telling me there was a copy on eBay. I tried to guess how much it was worth to me to get the CD back. Really it's priceless to me, but right now i have no job and no money. I bid $75. Check the auction: Someone bid 42 pounds - 103 Aussie dollars or 72 US dollars for this one album. How can i compete with Dune collectors/fanatics? That upset me last night. I guess i'm just going to have to keep waiting and hoping it'll pop up again, and i'll bid $100 next time.

We went to a Jamaican restaurant last night for M's birthday. It's the first time i've eaten Jamaican and damn it was good food. Lots of curry-ish stuff and these awesome sweet potato french fries and goat and lamb and chicken and this heavy bread stuff with saffron. Yummo. We all decided we should try go out to dinner every weekend, explore all the cuisines down Toorak Rd and Chapel St. Maybe once i have a job and some money. I'm still frustrated about that medical. Still waiting on the letter saying i'm "stable". Still applying for other jobs and getting no calls.

In other news, we rented Supersize Me on the weekend and i got to watch all the special features that i couldn't when i saw it on cable. It's such a cool movie. I don't know why i like it so much, i think because it's interesting and inspiring without being too preachy and self-righteous. Plus it's all about one of my most favorite subjects which is fast food in America. It's one of the things i really love the most about the country. Not the food specifically but just the whole culture of strip malls and fast food rest stops and highways and drive-thrus... and the food ain't half bad either. Okay, the french fries that never die are freaky, but ... well... yum. People in other countries have no idea of all the good stuff they're missing out on when it comes to fast food menus.

I still want to get a Camaro or Trans Am and go drive from Florida though Louisiana and Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. All along the south, through the desert and just stop all along the way for tacos and burgers and chili and jalapeno poppers and look at the cactuses and rocks and go to white sands and the grand canyon and the hoover dam and Roswell and El Paso and that shitty little town that changed its name to a game show and be serenaded by a mariachi band and things like that. Plus i want to drive past Wal-Mart and Safeway and McDonalds and Pottery Barn and Pier One and Wal-Mart and Costco and just that weird strip mall environment that's sort of comforting in an odd way. Noone i ever talk to wants to do that trip with me :-( But it'd probably be more fun alone anyway, as long as there're no serial killers like in the movies.

I had a strange flashback to America the other day when i was in the parking lot at Safeway. Someone was blasting country'n'western from their car. Australia is, i think, the second most country'n'western-lovin' nation after America. We're also the second most obese nation, but just like how obese people here stick to the outer suburbs and outback, so does the country'n'western. It's very unusual to hear it in the city, but there it was. Dolly Parton or something. Then i saw this guy in a cowboy hat (though given the area he was probably really a gay guy doing Brokeback-chic) but yeah. Very odd, i was transported away.

My thoughts are meandering.
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