amw (amw) wrote,

the things that shit me

There are a few things that i just find so despicably low i can't fathom how people in their right minds can do it. Things that just appall me and should be punished Chinese-style by having tanks drive over the offenders. One of these things is people who murder, rape or otherwise physically abuse others. That includes throwing an egg at me and hitting me square in the back (happened a week or two ago - cunts). One of those things is public service workers who strike en masse, screwing up everyone's lives and wasting taxpayer money. Another is protestors who illegally stop traffic. And what's shitting me today is people who make noise complaints.

Yes, i've now received the third noise complaint of my life. Number one was when i was 15 and my step brother and friends had a party in the garage. Up late, listening to Pearl Jam, getting drunk, your usual teen noise complaint. The next was when i was 21 living in an apartment block; someone complained about me playing fucking Dead or Alive of all things. People who've read my journal for ages might remember that one. I ended up getting a letter from the real estate saying i'd be evicted if it continued. Today i received a letter complaining about my "offensive" music (you know, offensive like the fucking PET SHOP BOYS) and that if it continued the police would be called.

Never mind the fact that i never play music after 10pm. Never mind the fact that IF YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING APARTMENT YOU'RE GOING TO HEAR NOISE. Jesus fucking Christ. If these people want to live in idyllic fucking silence they should move to fucking Wysteria Lane, or better yet, a fucking desert island. Hopefully they'll get eaten by a crocodile. Haven't they ever heard of earplugs? I can't get over how disgusting and utterly inconsiderate it is to complain about someone playing fucking music for God's sake. We have a crystal addict living upstairs who abuses his girlfriend and is up all hours of the night throwing shit around and yelling and someone has the nerve to complain about MUSIC? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING DAY? Fuck off. The intolerance of these fucking philistine imbecile cunts just leaves me fucking incredulous.

They're like fucking terrorists is what they're like. They're blackmailing me into not playing music. "We'll call the cops." "We'll call your real estate agent." "We'll get you evicted." They should be thrown in Abu Ghraib and have their fingernails pulled out. Or maybe thrown in a fucking compound in Texas and have PsyOps smack them down by blasting music at them all day and all night till they all kill themselves.


I hate it when people move to the city and expect it to be like their shitty fucking quiet suburb or country town. Get a fucking grip. Get a fucking life. Live and let fucking live. Jesus.

Tags: crazy, music, protest, rants

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