amw (amw) wrote,

job search woes

Man, i forgot how utterly frustrating it is to be looking for jobs.
  • C/C++ developer. What the hell is this? Either it's C, or it's C++. And when i apply with five years experience in C, please don't complain about my lack of experience in C++. Be specific in the first place.

  • Analyst programmer. You know the "programmer" part means i should actually be programming something in the job. If it's a purely client-facing position, then it should've been listed as a system analyst.

  • Start immediately. Please don't tell me it's an immediate start and then tag me along for three or four weeks. (I still "have the job" at the casino.)

  • Recruiters. That is all.

  • J2EE. It seems my previous company is the only company in the world to use Java NOT in a J2EE environment.

  • Phone numbers. Please give me an email address or at the very least the name of your business in your ad. Yes i have anxiety about calling a phone number when i don't know where i'm calling. Plus for all i know your restaurant is shit and/or located 10 miles away and i won't want the job anyway.

  • "You're overqualified." It's an oxymoron.

  • Reposting the same job every day. We all saw it the first time.

  • Posting unrelated jobs in industry-specific sections. You suck.

  • Posting suburban jobs in the inner Melbourne section. You suck too.

  • Yes it's amw. Not [boyname]. I fucking hate telephones.

Anyway. I found another cool thing about Melbourne today. It has autumn/fall. I was walking over to the hospital this morning to do some contract work and there were red leaves falling off the trees. I haven't seen different-colored leaves since America. Plus it's chilly. I went to the gym this afternoon to do some physio work and walking home was really nice. Cool and breezy. Unfortunately the nights and mornings are freezing, but it's great to walk through.

Another piece of good news today is that my CDs have been found! They're back in America again, but they aren't lost! That made my day.

And man oh man race cars are REALLY LOUD. We can hear them here (500m from the track) as if they were just outside the window. Going to the gym a few kilometers away today i could still hear them. I always thought Formula 1 racing meant 2 hours practise, 2 hours race and that's it... but this is 4 days straight of "grand prix festival" with V8 sedans, V8 trucks/utes, BMW touring cars and God knows what else. It's kinda eerie, especially in this weather, hearing this constant whining all around you. I thought it was an air raid siren when it started yesterday morning.
Tags: career, my boring life

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