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Another classic from the recruiters:
  • "For the position of Software Engineer, our client is looking for a different background to yours ideally with stronger Unix and C skills." Apparently five years developing C applications under Unix isn't a strong enough background for a position requiring "3-5 years C experience". I swear half these companies don't even read your resume (or cover letter for that matter).

So i still have no job. I've been busy selling music equipment and going to the physio and the gym and doing some casual work for my old boss to earn a bit more money than the dole. It'll happen eventually. I just wish i had some more money and some more stability in my life. I hate being unemployed, i really do. I feel so useless. I know i should be enjoying the time to relax, but i just feel like a total drain on society.

Anywho i've sold some music equipment in yet another effort to bring my studio to the point where i want it to be. I want a new mixer that can record to the PC over USB/FireWire and i want a small sampler with SmartMedia or USB that can play the odd vocal sample or piano noise type thing that i won't get out of my regular synths. I have $1150 to spend and not a cent more. That's the money i've earned from selling gear - all my other money is reserved for food and rent and healthcare.

It is extremely fucking cold. 17 degrees (about 60F) daytime maximums, down to 11 (50F) at night. I can't get over how acclimatized i've gotten to Brisbane weather. I'm used to this being mid-winter weather - instead it's autumn. It'd be alright if it was sunny or even overcast, but yesterday it rained and got windy. Wet socks and wet shoes and wind blowing my umbrella inside out is not cool when i'm walking 30+ minutes to the gym. I need to buy gloves and a headband for my ears. I have no idea how i survived the -10 (14F) days in Europe.

I turned down the casino job due to the amount of severe fucking around to get it and the bad vibes i ended up getting from it. I hope that was the right decision.
Tags: career, my boring life

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