amw (amw) wrote,

MexeBean Update.

So i kinda made my own MexeBeans the other day for nachos. I used a can of borlotti beans imported from Italy. They are speckly like pinto beans so i hoped they'd taste similar. Then fried it up with diced garlic and onion and tomato and heaps of Cholula and some sour cream. It came out tasting almost, but not quite, entirely unlike MexeBeans. But it was yummy nevertheless.

In other news i went shopping for ugly office clothes Saturday due to having an interview on Wednesday. I'm very unimpressed with the idea of having to spend money on office clothes, especially because they're not tax-deductible like blue-collar work clothes, but right now i need a job more than i need my pride. So i searched for hours to find a pair of black slacks and a smart one-color sleeveless tee to go under my old jacket i have from about 5 years ago that somehow still fits me. Very odd given that i am now apparently a size 16. I had to go into the plus size (16-24) section in some stores. Way to make me feel even more like an ogre than i already feel at 6'3 with broad shoulders and no tits. Anyway, i came to the conclusion that they don't make cool shit in a size 16 (all the stuff i like stops at 14) and especially not in winter where almost everything is long-sleeved. That sucks ass. I do have clothes, but. I better get the job, and they better fuckin let me wear cargos and jeans after i get hired.

Oh, and winter clothes do nothing for my figure. I look like a donut. A masculine donut. I can't believe i've got to spend the next six months wrapped up like a quesadilla. It's cold :-(
Tags: career, clothes, food, gender

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