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On the weekend i decided to do something about the coldness here. The really cool Middle Eastern-looking comforter set i want from Big W/Walmart is about $120 more than i can afford to spend, so i bought Snoopy slippers for $10. And i bought bubble pyjama pants from Target to replace my pineapple pyjama pants that seem to have gotten shorter over the past few years. And most importantly i bought hot water bottles! Target have hot water bottles for $3 and these awesome faux-fur animal print fluffy cuddly hot water bottle covers for about $8. I love Target. When you put the hot water bottle in the cover it's like having a fluffy little cat on your lap. Best winter investment EVER.

I still don't have gloves because they only sell woolly gloves here, which i reckon is pointless. Wool doesn't really stop the wind and when it rains they'll just get wet and cold anyway. I need hot leather gloves to match my jacket i still have from when i was America.

I'm walking an assload these days. The other day i walked about 4 miles just getting to the dole office and the gym and back. Speaking of the gym, i'm on 22 minutes now. Biking at a constant 80+ rpm and doing a "hill" ride. I'm supposed to get up to 40 minutes according my physio. That sounds crazy long, but then again Lance Armstrong does 85 rpm, 8 hours a day for God knows how many days the Tour runs for. I burned 325 calories apparently last time i was on the bike. That sounds great until you realize 325 calories is like, you know, one fucking burger or something. Watching The Biggest Loser combined with sitting on this bike that throws calories in my face three times a week combined with shopping for clothes in the plus size section is making me paranoid.

Well, not really. Dressing in work clothes/suits etc is making me paranoid. I've had one interview now and i had coffee with a recruiter too. I just feel incredibly awkward when i'm all dressed up. Like i'm too big, too tall, too fat, too flat-chested, too i don't know. Just not comfortable.

Anyway. I like house music and i really like 303s. I need to buy another 303, which means i need more money, which means i need a job. Bah.
Tags: career, clothes, decrepit, my boring life

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