amw (amw) wrote,

Second Interview

So today i had a second interview with an employer, including a two hour practical test. I think i did pretty damn good on the test. Didn't rush it, designed and documented everything well, it all compiled and worked. It was production-quality code. The real stuff people make in offices, not in computer labs at university. Then he hits back with their tentative offer - 41k.

41k is about what i was earning 4 years ago. 48k is what i was earning three months ago. Three months ago in a city where the lifestyle is cheaper and where i was working for a small, brokeass company that couldn't afford industry standard rates. I was already being underpaid! The idea of continuing to work in IT makes me miserable already and without a chunky pay rise there's just no attraction at all. I want 60 minimum, but given how pathetically lowball their offer was i suggested mid 50s. If they don't give me 55 i really don't feel i should take the job (assuming my counter-offer hasn't scared them off already).

I shouldn't be selling myself short because it'll just make me miserable in my job. Especially knowing i could've had a 31k job washing dishes that i only passed on for philosophical reasons (the bureaucracy involved in their health and background checks). Hell that would've been a shit job too, but for a pissy 10k minus tax i'm not going to send myself back to that horrible post-work zombie land that i wanted so much to escape when i moved down here. If i'm going to be all zombied out from staring at computer screens 9 hours a day i want to have lots of money so i can afford cable TV and DVDs and CDs and restaurant dinners to relax that stressed out brain every night.

Ugh. I'll hear from them on Friday i guess. In the mean time, i'm setting up an interview with a certain former high-performance multimedia computing multinational that i didn't realize even still existed post-bubble.
Tags: career

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