amw (amw) wrote,

and the denim angels smiled

As some of you know, i do not enjoy shopping. I like having stuff, but not walking around stores looking for it. I especially hate shopping for clothes. I especially especially hate shopping for pants. In Australia it's been impossible to find good pants. I don't know if it's the country or if since 1997 clothing manufacturers across the world collectively forgot how to make real pants and started making flared, bootleg, cargo, 6-foot-wide crap. Maybe world cotton prices dropped.

In the past five years the only really good pants i've had were some really damn expensive ones that no longer fit since my body changed and two pairs of jeans T found me in America (one of which is now too hole-y to wear to work and the other seems to have changed shape on me too).

Today i forced myself out to look for pants in the delightful fall temperature of 80F/50% humidity. I walked into the first store and my heart fell (even further) at the dark blue, flared garbage. And the next store, and the next. No i do not want to buy a $120 pair of Levi's that has legs big enough to fit my whole family. No i do not want a pair of jeans that's so blue it puts Bessie Smith to shame. Yes i do need at least 34" legs, damnit.

So just when i was reaching the end of my chain-smoking, sweating, cursing rope... I walk into Jeans West ("Fits Best") and walked out about 15 minutes later with two new pairs of pants. w00t :-) I think they look good. They better look damn good, because i just blew $109 on them. Ouch.
Tags: clothes

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