amw (amw) wrote,

Job Update #4

Well, it's done. I un-accepted the offer from Small Company "A". I've totally burned my bridges with them; the manager was pretty disappointed. But really the bottom line is if they'd offered me a decent amount in the first place i would've taken the job with no complaints. The fact that they lowballed me to start with got me thinking about all the other things i didn't like about the job. The manager now thinks i was trying to scam him into giving me the best deal, but the truth is i wouldn't have worked there for any less than their final offer whether i had an offer from my previous employer or not. If they choose to underpay and/or overwork their employees then they're the ones who'll end up with subpar code.

So the plan now is this. Interview with "D" next week is pretty much locked in. Second interview from "B" is half-confirmed too, though it could be a little awkward due to the recruiter apparently deciding that i'm "Mr" amw. If neither of those happen i'll be happy telecommuting for my previous employer for another six months to a year because frankly i'd be earning just as much money as i would've working at "A", and at least i'd be continuing to gain some experience outside the Java/RDBMS arena.

But man oh man that phonecall saying "no" after i'd kinda already said "yes" was amongst the hardest i've ever had to make.
Tags: career

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