amw (amw) wrote,

midday update

So what's been happening in the wonderful world of amw the last week? Money hemorrhaging is what.

Last Friday i finally decided to get all my shit done. That meant getting a hair cut and color ($75), buying a new frame for my glasses ($75 - the old one broke), buying new contact lenses ($45) and buying meds ($55). Since M was up in Brisbane last week she picked up my outstanding comics at the comic store ($130). That's $380 all up, which is pretty much what i get as unemployment benefit over two weeks. Gone in a day...

Then Saturday i decided it'd be a good idea to go out. Just went to a local gay club with some commercial house tunes out the back and pop tunes out the front. They played Bros "When Will I Be Famous". What's utterly tragic is i still know all the words. Anywho. Dancing to the house music was a much-needed release. That expedition ended up costing probably another $100 or more.

Monday we went grocery shopping, and it came to $280 between the three of us. I have no idea how it got to be that expensive, but there you go.

Yesterday was rent - $350.

This afternoon i am going to the physio and will have to pay for the session as well as for these orthopedic shoe insert things they've given me. That'll be about another $100.

So i have gone from comfortably unemployed to Seriously Fucking Broke. A grand down the drain in the space of 6 days. I still have a chunky credit card bill coming because i've now paid for two people's flights on my card and they gave me cash which i spent.

A job is thus very necessary. I have an interview with Cool Open Source Company "D" tomorrow. Large Multinational "B" has had its manager fly overseas for some emergency or other, leaving my application in limbo. We shall see. Two weeks man, by next dole day i will be working.
Tags: career, decrepit, my boring life

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