amw (amw) wrote,


I have a job at "B"! Well, verbally, but at least it's from the horse's mouth and not via the recruiter. I am officially going to become a software engineer (my previous job titles were "programmer" or "IT officer"). I'll be doing the "glue" job, working with bits of C and Perl and shell scripting trying to fix Makefiles, autoconf, install scripts, QA and so forth. This is going to be even more fun to try to explain at parties than my last jobs have been. "Yeah i make computer programs make... themselves... automatically..."

The company has a cool rep, though it's struggling post-boom. It's trying to reinvent itself to cater for new markets, though i think it'll always have its ridiculously high end customers. It's definitely going to be interesting "hacking the Gibson" at work :-)
Tags: career

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