amw (amw) wrote,

workin girl

Holy crap it's 9:30. I only really sat down an hour ago. Got home at about 8:15 after doing a bit of shopping and paying $25 in late fees at the video store :-( I still need to cook dinner and then get up for work tomorrow.

It's so good to be working again. I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything... Not that i don't understand it, just that there's so much to learn and i don't really have any clear cut tasks just yet so it's all mushy. Can't focus on any one thing for too long. I'm hoping i'll be given something to get my teeth into by next week. But fuck, just having a bit of stability in my life again is great.

The hours are sorta 10ish to sorta 6ish, depending on whatever. Today i was in till 7 (long meeting). Because we have developers in America and apparently a developer in England too the meetings are at the end of the day (5pm) or the beginning of the day (like 7am). This is actually pretty cool because even though it's a little irregular it also gives me a bit more flexibility than i had in my last job. Unfortunately they have no VPN so if i want to telecommute i'll have to buy an old style modem again. Meh.

The commute is about 45 minutes, which isn't too bad for a job in the suburbs. It's a tram/train/train/walk combo. Luckily all the public transport times seem to line up alright.

It's gonna be challenging. And i think it's gonna be fun. We'll see. It's early days yet - i only started Monday.

Tired. Need to make tacos. More on the weekend, maybe :-)
Tags: career, my boring life

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