amw (amw) wrote,

Mexico, fuck yeah!

So here's the rad story. I made tacos for everyone after work last night. For whatever reason noone was hungry. So i had tacos and beer for breakfast too! :-)

I've kinda stopped smoking. I haven't quit, just kinda stopped. I was down to two cigarettes a day for months, maybe five or six if i was drinking. Since i started working i've smoked one a day with the odd no-cigarette day. Still have problems when i'm drinking, but oh well. In the immortal words of Debbie Deb, weekends were made for fun.

I got paid Thursday. Fuck yeah. Now i need to toss up between buying all the shit i've had on hold for the last few months and being broke for the rest of the month, or being sensible and buying all the shit i want gradually. The latter would be so boring.
  • 2 new synths (AVR Synth and Acid Lab Bassline)

  • gloves

  • new tattoo

  • new adidas

  • desk for synths

  • exercise bike

  • medical insurance

  • loads of CDs

  • squillions of DVDs

I'm guessing medical insurance is most important for tax reasons. (In Australia if you aren't covered by insurance you have to pay a 1% levy at the end of the financial year.)

My new favorite movie is Domino. Great tunes, great cinematography and chix with guns. Right on. Kicked the ass of Transporter 2, and that wasn't too shabby itself. Sin City wasn't bad either, but the editing wasn't close to Domino's awesomeness. In any case, i must buy this movie.

I must also buy Dead Like Me (finally) because it is the best TV show ever. I would buy Battlestar Galactica Season 2 if they ever fucking released it in Australia. Stargate and Scrubs remain On The Agenda.

My Adidas are leaking. I must have new Adidas. This is imperative.

I need everything. I need lots of shit. I also need to move into a kickass condo with a gym and central heating.

Life is so much less miserable when you have money and tacos. And beer.
Tags: alcoholism, food, manic, movies, tv

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