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too lazy to update properly

So here's a meme instead, courtesy of quit

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?

In bed, asleep, about 20 seconds away from waking up with a desperate need to pee.

2. Who will be your next kiss?


3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?


4. When is the last time you went to the mall?

If we're talking real honest-to-God massive suburban malls it would've been probably early this year in Brisbane. I've been to those pseudo-malls they have downtown though, almost every weekend to buy food and stuff.

5. Are you wearing socks right now?

No. Even though my feet are freezing cold, no. I think it's unhealthy wearing socks 24/7 and since i'm wearing them to work and wearing them to bed i try to have about an hour a day "in between" time where i just wear no socks and no sweater. Let my skin taste the air, yanno.

6. When was the last time you went out of town?

When i was still in Brisbane we went down to the Gold Coast for my birthday (so February).

7. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?


8. What was the last thing you had to drink?

Banana orange smart juice stuff with echinacea and guarana and all kinds of good shit. Since i moved to Melbourne i've tried to drink a big glass of juice every morning with my multi-vitamin. It's working - haven't been too sick yet.

9. What are you wearing right now?

Blue jeans. Blue wifebeater. I'm really cold.

10. Have you been in a car wash?

Yes, though i can't remember the last time.

11. Last food you ate?

Tortilla with pastrami and cheese in it for breakfast.

12. Where were you last week on Saturday?

Buying some comics and DVDs. I am now the proud owner of the best movie in the world - Malibu's Most Wanted, beeyatch.

13. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?


14. When is the last time you ran?

Regularly since i've been catching public transport to work. Probably Wednesday night to get down to the platform to catch the train home.

15. What's the last sporting event you watched?

Funny you asked. I just caught the last 10 minutes of Australia vs Croatia this morning when i woke up to pee. That's the first sports i've watched since early this year, probably. Which would've been local basketball on cable. I'd probably watch more sports if they showed good sports at prime time. Down here in Melbourne they have this weird rugby variant that noone else in the whole world (much less Australia) plays and it dominates the airwaves.

16. What is your favorite class?

First class.

17. Your dream vacation?

Somewhere with good weather, good clubs, no laws and beautiful people.

18. Last 3 people's houses you were in?

Fuck knows. Um. M's parents' back in Brisbane. R+J's back in Brisbane. Other than that i really don't know. I don't like visiting people's houses and i don't really like them visiting mine either. Much prefer to meet on neutral ground like at a club or cafe or something.

19. How old are your parents?

49 and 48 now. Next year they're both hitting the half-century.

20. Are you in love?


21. Do you miss anyone?

Shit yes.

22. Last play you saw?

I have no idea. I think i saw a play in high school but we were stoned and i have no idea what it actually was. It was in Dutch.

23. What are your plans for today?

Go to work, buy some beer, come home and launch into another weekend of not going out and whining about how shit Melbourne's scene is ;-)

24. Who is the last person you commented on myspace?

Never commented on myspace.

25. Ever go to camp?

Yeah, camp was good. When i was younger in high school, camp was the one place where i somehow made it into the "cool" group (after being in the "nerd" group for the rest of the year). When i was older, camp was just a nice place to chill with everyone in an out-of-school vibe.

26. Were you an honor roll student in school?


27. What do you want to know about the future?

If my contract is going to be extended, and if not then if we're going to move back to Brisbane or maybe overseas or even stay here.

28. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?

Hell no.

29. Are you hungry?

Nope, just ate.

30. Where is your best friend located?

Aside from M who's here, probably in Brisbane.

31. Do you have a tan?

Not any more i don't.

32. How old do you want to be when you have kids?

I'm 26 now. I feel like that's getting to the upper end of when you should have them. On the other hand, i don't feel stable enough to have them any time soon. Fuck knows. I still don't even really know if i want them.

33. Do you collect anything?

Comics? CDs? DVDs? None of that really counts i guess because it's just entertainment. Fluffy toys, perhaps. I tend to buy or get given those on a semi-regular basis and i don't throw them out.

34. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?

Gold Coast, early last year. I had to do a breathalizer test when i was really hungover. Passed it, but it was horrible to be treated like a criminal when i hadn't done anything. Though i got revenge last year one time when i was really drunk i accosted a cop on the streets and started interrogating him. He just ignored me, which is probably a good thing.

35. Have you ever drunk your soda from a straw?

Um, yes?! Certainly if you get it in a cup from Maccas or something what else are you gonna do?

36. How do you like your drinks?

Coffee should be bitter and black. Coke should be diet and not Pepsi. Juice should be fruity and not sweet. Water should be room temperature. Alcohol should be beer. That's all.

37. Do you like hot sauce?

Yes, love it. Unfortunately i can only get Cholula and Tabasco here. It's not enough.

38. Last time you took a shower?

This morning.

39. Who do you have a crush on?

Noone springs to mind.

40. What is your mood?


41. Are you someone's best friend?

I assume so.

42. What's the last book you read?

The first DMZ trade paperback by Brian Wood. Great book. Or if we're talking "real" books with no pictures it was probably Prime by Poppy Z Brite, about restauranteurs in New Orleans.
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