amw (amw) wrote,

Just thinking on the way to work this morning...

...when did my ideal vacation turn into the stereotypical chav excursion to the Mediterranean?

For a long time i really wanted to do a road trip across America. Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California. Eat lots of great food. Peer over the Rio Grande. Go see Roswell. Vegas. LA. All kinds of stupid shit. I still do want that. But the first thing i think of when i think "vacation" these days is warm weather, beaches, partying at night and dozing by the pool in the day.

Maybe it's just because it's so frickin cold here right now. Or maybe i'm getting old. WTF. Once upon a time i wanted to go see China too. And maybe visit Japan again for longer than 10 hours. South America! Africa! Fuck. Go to the Rockies and snowboard or something.

But the idea of lazing around at a ritzy tropical resort sounds so much more... relaxing. Five years ago - hell, even just a few years ago - i never saw the appeal of cruise ships. Now i reckon getting the hell away from everything and being decadent sounds fab.

I'm definitely going to do my road trip some day, somehow. But i'll probably sooner be chilling in the Caribbean.

This is all assuming i become terribly wealthy overnight, or perhaps stop frittering my money away on stuff and things.
Tags: american dream, manic, my boring life, travel

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