amw (amw) wrote,

For Fuck's Sake

I think i'm living with my worst flatmate since the disastrous D saga of 1998. Honestly. Never have i had to live with such a ridiculously whiny, poor-me, passive-aggressive bitch, and that's saying a lot after some of the places i've lived. I am SO fucking tired of the only conversation being "my boyfriend never answers my text messages, my boss doesn't understand how stressed i am, my wah wah wah, me me me" when every miserable thing that happens in this guy's life is directly brought on by his utter and complete inability to act like a fucking adult. He's completely incompetent at work, but it's always someone else's fault. He's extremely clingy and paranoid, like a 14-year-old school girl with her first boyfriend. He refuses to look for partners his own age. And he's passively vindictive in the most frustrating ways.

He can't sleep alone. He invites a friend over almost every night. A friend who we end up feeding, uses our shower, stays here all day when we're at work using the heater, TV, oven, etc. M and i are paying 2/3 of the rent in a house that feels like it's only 1/2 ours (if that). As long-time readers will know, i am really uncomfortable with having people in my house anyway, but i've put up with it because i understand a lot of folks enjoy having mates over. When it gets to being every fucking night, when i have to wait outside the bathroom door and end up late for work because someone who doesn't even fucking live here is in there it's going a bit far. All his friends have keys to the house and let themselves in any time of day or night, of course.

His friends are a way to avoid confrontation. He feels like i won't get bitchy at him in front of his mates. Of course i wouldn't have reason to get bitchy if he paid his share of the groceries on-time, if he EVER cleaned the house that he swore he would do once a week after my last explosion, if he had any respect for my space and the fact my partner and i are paying the majority of the fucking rent in this shithole.

But calm blue ocean. M and i are moving out in 10 days. We've applied for a place, we're getting the fuck out of here. "Oh but how will i recharge my iPod when i don't have your computer here any more wah wah wah!" He should thank his lucky stars i even gave him a login. I'm seriously over it. The new place is a lot more expensive split between two people, but it's (kinda) closer to work, it's a newly renovated place and most importantly it's not going to have a hideous black hole of negativity that sucks all the happiness out of the place in the next room.

I just wish he'd grow up and stop being the (even bigger) dick he's been since he found out we're going. The lease expires here in August anyway so quit your whining and passive-aggressive bullshit and build a fucking bridge. Jesus.

Moving into a new place means i've committed to at least another 12 months here in Melbourne. This morning it's cold and raining. Again. I really fucking hate this weather. My skin is so dry it's cracking open. (If you don't like gross skip to the next paragraph.) My toes are splitting open where they connect to my feet, it's like lots of paper cuts down there and it hurts like hell. My face feels like sandpaper. My fingers are covered with cuts from the cold. Sucks sucks sucks. I want my sub-tropical humidity back :(

But i like my job. It's challenging and i'm learning things and that's something i'd been missing for years in my last job. I like being somewhere new, and in a big city with nice restaurants. So yeah. At least 12 months, maybe more if i don't go completely insane from the weather and lack of decent nightclubs.

Also i get to decorate. No painting of walls, but a new place of my own (or at least, half mine) means i get to decorate, which is a fun i haven't experienced since being in America. Soooo it's time for furniture and rugs and pictures and ornaments and cool shit. I am going to be very poor, but damn is the new place gonna be cozy.
Tags: anxiety, career, crazy, my boring life, rants

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